Find top N records for each group in MySQL

In this post, I am giving you a full demonstration on finding top N records for each group in MySQL.

Today morning, I was working on one report and requirement is to find top 2 employee working hours for each employee.

I have tried many scripts and finally got the solution which is also forcing me to write a good post on this.

First, create sample data,

The Second step is to find a top N working hour by each employee.


MySQL Top N Record for Each Group

Now see above result, each employee has two top 2 record base on working hours.

In above query I have used GROUP_CONCAT, and FIND_IN_SET.
GROUP_CONCAT groups column value into a single string and FIND_IN_SET is used to get the position of the string in a comma delimited string list.

You can change the value of 2 to N for your customized report.

Anvesh Patel

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