Important MySQL and Ubuntu Console Commands

In this post I am providing some important commands for MySQL and Ubuntu.

Let’s first see MySQL Command:

You can execute this all commands in the root directory of the MySQL.
You don’t require to connect MySQL because this command executed by MySQLAdmin.

Check MySQL is running or not:

Check MySQL Current Version:

Check MySQL Current Status:

Check MySQL Server Variables:

Check status of MySQL Server variable’s values:

Check running all MySQL Server Processes:

Safely Shutdown of MySQL:

Let’s see Ubuntu Commands:

Check MySQL is running or not:

Start MySQL Service:

Restart MySQL Service:

Stop MySQL Service:

Check Status of MySQL Service:

Check MySQL Config File:

To Change MySQL Root Password:

You can also visit this article to reset MySQL Root Password:

How to reset MySQL root Password in Ubuntu
Anvesh Patel

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Nice Article !
Thanks, this helped in my interview !