PostgreSQL: Configure Your Database in free Cloud Storage for POC

In this post, I demonstrate that how you can configure your PostgreSQL Database in free cloud storage. Basically this is very useful when you are working on some POC (Proof of Concept) in which you require a small sample database in the cloud so application connect to your sample database.

Today morning, We also got the same requirement to create a one POC base on Android and PostgreSQL. For this, POC I require only a little space like 10MB to test this thing so I searched around this and found some of very good cloud storage.

I have configured my PostgreSQL database using this two free different Cloud Storage.

This both the cloud storage is very popular for PostgreSQL Database. They are also providing different paid plan for different requirements. They have a free plan and you can test your database with around 10 MB to 20 MB free space and 5 to 20 concurrent connections.

Before starting with any of this cloud storage, you have to create your accounts and select your desire plan.
Now choose your free plan and find out free database connection information like, Hostname -> DatabaseName -> UserName -> Password.

Now open your PGAdmin and create new server connections with this detail.
Please do not forget to add ” host all all md5 ” into your pg_hba.conf file and also make sure that listen_addresses = *.

Now your small PostgreSQL database is ready to test with any of your applications.

Anvesh Patel

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