Database Theory: What is a Data Masking ?

In this post, I am going to share an easy note on what is a Data Masking and
its requirements for data security.

What is Data Masking?

The Data masking is one kind of mask for the important data. Means format of
data remains the same and only the values are changed.
This process is not for all kinds of data or tables, but the organization can
select important data like Credit Card Number and perform Data Masking for
this kind of sensitive information.

In this masking process, the structure remains similar and only information
is changed. Means, In this process, we are not going to change data type of
the column or field, we just change the value of that column of field.

In another term, we can say data masking is a process for creating different
versions of sensitive data.

Some organization requires Data Masking on those production data which are
required for testing team as a sample data so that software developer or
tester team can not access actual sensitive data.

In Data Masking, You can create, replicate column or you can change version
of data before displaying to user.
There are many techniques you can choose to perform Data Masking like,
Substitution, Shuffling, Encryption.

The conclusion is: The Private Data Security is one of the most important
factors for all Database Proffesional. I have tried to explain this theory in
my easy words.

For more theory and practical you can visit this articles.

Anvesh Patel

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