MySQL: Configured and Enable FEDERATED engine (Part 2/4)

In the previous post, we have discussed basic theory of the FEDERATED Table Engine.

As earlier I discussed that, FEDERATED Engine is not by default enabled so In this post, I am giving basic commands to enable and configure FEDERATED Table Engine.

The First Check FEDERATED engine is available or not:

MySQL Show Engines

Using above command we can get all available engines. In this result image you can not find a FEDERATED engine so we need to install it.

Command to enable federated engine.

Now check all engines details:

MySQL Federated Engine

In the above result, we can find new entry of FEDERATED engine, but still it is OFF.

To enable this, we need to add one federated line into my.cnf file

Command to open my.cnf file:

Write federated into this file:

Restart Mysqld:

Now check all engines details and find FEDERATED engine is ON:

MySQL Federated Engine ON

Anvesh Patel

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