MySQL: FEDERATED Table Engine – SELECT data from another Server (Part 1/4)

In this post, I am going to start a small series of articles which are divided into four different parts.

In this series of articles, I will provide basic theory and practical to perform cross platform or server queries. We can also say remote connection queries.

Some of the Database Professional already aware about Linked server object of Microsoft SQL Server, which is basically used for cross server queries.

Many times, we actually need to SELECT data from different database server and even, we require to fetch data from different RDBMS product as well.

MySQL also provides the FEDERATED Storage Engine to access data from a remote MySQL Database Server.

The FEDERATED Storage Engine is available beginning with MySQL 5.0.3.

Using FEDERATED Engine, we don’t require to implement any replication or clustering.

We don’t require to write any database level trigger to update real time data into the local FEDERATED table because it is fetching data remotely and even does not require to store that data physically on the hard disk.

We can query to the local FEDERATED table like any other normal table, but actually it is working as virtual table only.

The FEDERATED storage engine is not enabled by default in the running server.
You can visit the next article to configure and enable FEDERATED Engine.

Anvesh Patel

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