NoSQL: The latest buzzword in Data Science, What is NoSQL? (Day 1)

Today is my first day with NoSQL and sharing small note on this.

Tons of digital data around us, and people are talking about the only Relational Database Management System.

In the past, It was right discussion, but today this is a wrong discussion.
People may have wrong thinking that we have to use all the rule of Dr. Edgar F. Codd’s for storing and manipulating the Data.

Tons of Non Structured Data is around us because of social networking and eCommerce.( Data like, picture, video, comments).
The RDBMS system is good for the structured data and worked with the fixed schema design.

NoSQLWhat is NoSQL?

In simple term,
A NoSQL is a new way of thinking and we can say NoSQL means storing and retrieving of data differently and simply design for horizontal scaling other than tabular relations format.

A NoSQL also referred as “non SQL”, “non Relational”, “not only SQL”.

A NoSQL is not a replacement of RDBMS product, but it is a good alternative for manipulating unstructured, unpredictable and messy data.

A NoSQL supports fast access to large binary objects like: Video, Images, Docs and It’s typically used for large database system where RDBMS product is not performing well to achieve a good query performance.

A NoSQL database is highly scalable because it does not follow any consistent rule or formula for storing and retrieving data. It does not strict with any rule like any other Relation Database Management System. Even some of the NoSQL versions are violating the rule of ACID Properties.

In the market, there are different type of NoSQL databases available like: Document based database, Graph based database, Key-Value store database, Wide column based database.
As per the situation and requirement, we can choose and use the NoSQL database.
Some of the famous NoSQL are Google’s BigTable, Facebook Cassandra, Amazon’s Dynamo and SimpleDB and MongoDB.

I will share each and every NoSQL type in the coming days.

Anvesh Patel

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Jim Nasby
In many cases, NoSQL is ultimately about trading one difficult problem (High Availability and Scaling an RDBMS) with another difficult problem (re-implementing a bunch of RDBMS features from scratch in your code). There are a lot of applications that are storing structured data in NoSQL (usually in the form of JSON documents), and often those documents are supposed to conform to an expected structure. The things that RDBMSes were created to do. Frequently you still end up needing things like joins and indexes on top of the JSON. So what you gain in easier administration, you lose in code complexity.… Read more »