SQL Server: How to read database error log using T-SQL (xp_readerrorlog)

This is one of the important articles for all Database Administrator who are playing with the SQL Server Error Logs.

Generally, we are checking an error log file to monitor and troubleshoot error related to SQL Server.
But the problem is, when we require to find errors related to the particular process, It is difficult to filter out particular error because at that time we should use windows find utilities.

In this post, I am providing the script to manipulate all error logs using T-SQL.

Script to list out all error log files:
You can find all list of error log files with a file size and Archive File number.

SQL Server Error Log Files

Script to SELECT error log of a particular file by giving a file number:
File number ‘0’ is for current file.

CREATE TEMP table to store all error logs for better manipulation:
Anvesh Patel

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