NoSQL: Install Single Node Cassandra 3.5 on Ubuntu 14.04

From this post onwards, I am going to learn and share NoSQL Apache Cassandra practical demonstration.
In the previous series of articles, I have already shared basic theory about NoSQL and Apache Cassandra.

In this post, I am providing steps to install Single Node Cassandra Cluster on Ubuntu 14.04.

Step 1:
Cassandra requires Oracle Java Runtime Environment.
Install Oracle Java Virtual Machine.
Add Oracle JRE package.

Step 2:
Update the database package:

In the second step, If you get any error like: “unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists/”
Step 2.1:
Search running apt-get processes:

Step 2.2:
If any process is running as apt-get, kill it

Step 3:
Accept the license agreement and install the Oracle JRE.

Step 4:
After successfully installtion, verify JRE Version.

Step 5:
Install Cassandra from the official Apache Software Foundation repositories.
The latest tick-tock release is Cassandra 3.5, released on 2016-04-13.
Below commands to add repository source from
In the below command, you can change the value of 35x version. e.g, for version 3.5 = 35x, for version 2.2 = 22x.

Step 6:
Require to add three public key from the Apache Software Foundation.

First key:

Second key:

Third key:

Step 7:
Update the package.

Step 8:
Install Cassandra.

Step 9:
Check the status of Cassandra Service.

Step 10:
You can also check the status of cluster.
status UN means Up and Normal.

Step 11:
Now, You can connect Cassandra Query Language command line interface.

Install NoSQL Cassandra 3.5

Anvesh Patel

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