NoSQL: What is a Cassandra Query Language (CQL)?

NoSQL Cassandra CQL
The Cassandra Query Language (CQL) is the main language for working with Cassandra Database.
You can easily interact with Cassandra using the CQL shell (cqlsh).

The latest version of Cassandra Query Language is v3.3.1. (as per April – 2016).
You can visit full help of CQL at the official link of Apache Cassandra(CQL).

For the RDBMS people, it is very easy to learn and migrate in Cassandra because most of the syntax of CQL is very similar to RDBMS SQL.
You can also use DataStax DevCenter for graphical tool.

Using CQL, you can perform all different DML and DDL statements, you can also create User Defined Functions, Types, Roles, Triggers, Aggregate Functions and many more.
It is also useful in knowing the information related to clusters, Keyspace structure and other meta information.

There are also some limitations of CQL.
CQL doesn’t support aggregation like max, min, ava, group by and having.
CQL doesn’t support Joins and Wildcard queries.
CQL doesn’t support Union and Intersection.

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