NoSQL: Cassandra Query Language (CQL) Data Types

Data TypeConstantsDescription
AsciiStringsUS-Ascii character string
BigintIntegers64-bit signed long
BlobBlobsArbitrary bytes in hexadecimal
BooleanBooleansTrue or false
CounterIntegersDistributed counter values 64 bit
DecimalIntegers, floatsVariable precision decimal
DoubleIntegers, floats64-bit floating point
FloatIntegers, floats32-bit floating point
FrozenTuples, collections, user defined typesStores cassandra types
InetStringsIP address in IPV4 or IPV6 format
IntIntegers32 bit signed integer
ListCollection of elements
MapJson style collection of elements
SetCollection of elements
TextStringsUTF-8 encoded strings
TimestampIntegers, stringsId generated with date plus time
TimeuuidUuidsType 1 uuid
TupleA group of 2,3 fields
UuidUuidsStandard uuid
VarcharStringsUTF-8 encoded string
VarintIntegersArbitrary precision integer

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