NoSQL: Create your first Cassandra Column-Family (Table)

The Cassandra Column Families (Tables):

We are calling that Cassandra is a Column Stored NoSQL Database because it is vertically scalable for high flexibility and performance by adding one or more Column Families into Keyspace.

A Column Family is a collection of ordered columns and it is a container of the rows and It stores into Cassandra Keyspace and we can create multiple Column Families into a Keyspace.

A Column Familiy also called as a Table like RDBMS Table but the Column Families are not equal to tables.

The Cassandra is a schema free database because Column Families are defined, but internal columns are not defined. As per the requirement, the application and the user can add or remove the columns at any times.

Internally, Each Column Families are stored in separate files on disk. Each row has a unique key which is called Row Key.
The Cassandra has also the concept of Super Column Family which is allowing nested access by holding a different set of columns.

In the Column Family, We can set default ordering of data, we can make compressed table, we can use compact storage, we can set data expiration.

There are also different Table properties available which can be defined with the table.
For more details you can visit this documents:
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Small demonstration to create a first cassandra table:

Create Keyspace if not exists:

Use a Keyspace:

Create a Sample Table:
You can use COLUMNFAMILY and TABLE keywords.


Insert a Sample record:
Drop a Table:

NoSQL Cassandra Create Table

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