Laugh@dbrnd.gif: Should a Database Table always have a Primary Key?

I request to all Database Professionals,
“Please share your experience through the comments”

Is Primary Key for all Table

Best practice for Primary Key in Database Management System

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Anvesh Patel

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Rafael Boszko

I was trying to think in any case, but ateh even in relational tables where the indexation ~ ~ is not important, eh good use key only between the columns that ends up being the pk anyway XD

Nabeel Shahzad

its choice ,, not always

Ahmed ANees Memon

mostly require a primary key


I think that depend for what purpose you are creating table for. If 90% of times you will be firing query for taking data from the table which is about more than 20% of total data in table then I think primary key wont be used.
For inserts, if primary key is not available then no constraint will be checked while inserting which will speedup the insert.
But having no primary key will have effect on updates and deletes.

Siva Prasad

it’s recommended to have a primary key