A Day in the life of a DBA !

Database Administrator

” Database Administrator = 24*7 Responsible person for Database Servers. “

If any surprise call or alert happened, the DBA never shocked because mostly all the systems are running 24*7 and A day in the life of a DBA is also for 24 hours.

There is no any standard working time for the DBA and it should have enough potential to solve the online problems.

“A day with a bad morning, which starts with alerts and calls”

If any call or alert occurs in the morning time / midnight time, most of the DBA called this day as a “Black Day”.

DBA has already set the different auto notification and alert system to track the system performance. It has also handy DBA scripts which used in any immediate situations.

But again after all this, A black day is very critical for DBA because it has to plan lots of things to get out from the emergency situation.

“A day with the Security Loopholes, which improves data security”

For every organization and system, the security of data is a very major concern.

DBA has to build strong security policies by applying proper user permissions.

DBA can also enable the different type of encryption algorithms at database or object level.

This is not a new thing that after all the secured implementations DBA can never face Security Loopholes, A day with Security Loopholes is a very critical for DBA because It has to monitor different auditing tables and logs to find out the root cause.

“A day with the Performance Analysis and Tuning, which helps to build a good customer ranking”

The Database Performance Analysis and Tuning is also one of the important day to day exercise of DBA.

Whenever a database performance issue occurs, that day is also very critical for DBA and it may require to perform some immediate action on that.

DBA has to keep a monitor on database performance in different aspects like: internal fragmentations, external fragmentations, disk i/o, network access time, statistical meta data.

“A day with the Planning and Meeting, which increases the decision power”

DBA continuously involved in different planning and meeting with the different team members.

Before any kind of database or server level modification, DBA has to coordinate with the different team members.

DBA should perform all impact analysis before to apply actual changes on the database server and these changes may relate to the database schema modification or database maintenance related stuff.

“A day with the Load Balancing / High Availability, which increases the system performance / availability”

DBA has to monitor, manage and planning the different Load Balancing / High Availablity implementations to increase the system performance / availability.

Before any disaster happens, DBA has to be made a proper plan to implement the Load Balancing / High Availablity like: Cluserting, Replication, Mirroring.

The day with this exercise is very challenging because DBA may have to play with multiple database server to achieve this.

DBA should check the status of all running servers and makes sure that all data synchronized between them.

“A day with the System Upgradation, which makes the system up to date”

Technology is growing like anything, every day some changes are happening in the technology market.

Frequently, all the vendors of different RDBMS/NoSQL products are releasing different patches or editions of their RDBMS products.

Either DBA has to register itself for product notification or has to find news about the new editions and patches.

DBA has to upgrade the system with the new patches and makes sure that the system is up to date which may increase the overall performance of the system.

“A day with the dedicated Resource Monitoring, which helps to minimize the system downtime”

DBA has to constantly monitor the performance of different resources.

It has to identify usage of dedicated resources because if number of sessions/connections increases, it requires to increase the size of dedicated resources like: Disk, Memory, Network bandwidth.

DBA can use the different monitoring tools and scripts for the continuous monitoring of the system resources, which save the DBA day from the unwanted downtime.

“A day with the Gathering of Statistics, which requires further system enhancement”

To gather a different statistical data is also one of the day to day exercise of DBA.

DBA is gathering different information like: the ratio of database size, number of active connections base on different time zones, the completion time of scheduled database jobs, the completion time of database transactions.

Bases on different statistics, DBA can propose further system enhancement plans to his Manager/CTO.

“A day with the self improvement, which helps to grow personally”

DBA can never find free time from its scheduled, but it has to be learn the new thing and keep itself updated.

DBA personal growth is also very important because lots of new theories are implemented in the market which actually helps to DBA for a better morning.

“Are you DBA ?”

Please share your experience through the comments !

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Channdeep Singh

Great summation sir ! It may be decent to keep one day as a “DAY OF FOLLOW-UP(s)” also for all listed points. This helps a lot to corner the people, who do politics at work 🙁 🙂

Ayush Jain

Very well summarized !! Exactly what the DBA is !! Working 24 * 7 is the big job in itself.