MySQL: Function to Split String Value Using Different Delimiters and Position

In this post, I am providing one function to split string by using different type of delimiters and position in MySQL.

I have created this function because splitting a string is a very common requirement for all MySQL Database Developer.

I have created this function in such a way that you guys can pass any type of delimiter and split your string, but you also require to pass position to get exact value.

I have also created a similar kind of split function for SQL Server.
You can visit this article here:

For example, we have one column EmployeeName and it contains both Firstname and Lastname which is sperated by space. I require to create two column EmployeeFirstName and EmployeeLastName.

Below is a function and full demonstration of this:

First, Create a user defined function:

Sample Executions:

Anvesh Patel

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