MySQL 5.7: Introduced JSON Functions for Search and Manipulation

In the previous article, I have shared basic about MySQL 5.7 new JSON Data Type.
MySQL 5.7 also introduced different types of JSON related function.
In this post, I am sharing a few of those important JSON function.

First, create a sample table with JSON data type:

Insert few valid JSON Data:

JSON_EXTRACT(): To extract or search value in JSON.

JSON_SEARCH(): Use to search key value path.
one: The search terminates after the first match and returns one path string
all: The search returns all matching path strings such that no duplicate paths are included.

JSON_LENGTH():Use to check length of JSON document.

JSON_TYPE(): Use to check type of JSON document.

JSON_KEYS(): Use to fetch list of JSON keys.

JSON_MERGE(): Use to merge JSON data.

JSON_ARRAY_APPEND(): Use to append any data into JSON document.

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