MySQL: How to create a SQL Job or Event Scheduler for scheduling the Database Task

In this post, I am sharing one of important and basic article about, How to create a SQL Job or scheduler in the MySQL Database Server.

For scheduling the database tasks are very common exercise for all Database Developers and Database Administrators.

The SQL Agent is available in SQL Server and The PG Agent is available in PostgreSQL.mysqleventschedulersqljob

If you want to schedule your database task in MySQL, You should use default Event Scheduler of MySQL Database Server.

You can define event using CREATE EVENT statement and It requires the EVENT privilege for the schema in which the event is to be created.

It might also require the SUPER privilege.

You can access below full demonstration step by step.

Create a sample table:

Check the status of Event Variable:

If it is not enabled, enable it:
Check the running processes:
Create an event to insert in tbl_Students at every minute:

Create one more event to test the Delete operation:

You can also alter the created events:

You can also disable the events:
You can also drop the events:
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