PostgreSQL: How to generate a DeadLock in a Database (ERROR: deadlock detected)

The DeadLock in a database system is a very common thing and all Database Administrator responsible to detect and manage a DeadLock situation.

In this post, I am sharing one small demonstration t to generate a DeadLock situation in a PostgreSQL.

Database Theory: What is Timeout, Lock, Block, and Deadlock in a Database System?

Most of the time, We are facing DeadLock problem in our Production Database Server.
But What happen, when Database Administrator wants to generate DeadLock situation and wants to create a script for detecting a DeadLock.

First create two sample tables:

Open Session – 1 and execute below code:

Open Session – 2 and execute below code:

Again open Session – 1 and execute below Insert Statement:

You will get a below deadlock message:

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