PostgreSQL Dynamic SQL

In this post, I demonstrate PostgreSQL dynamic query and filter.

Many times custom filters and sorting require to select customized data.

Generally, what we are doing is, we call stored procedure using master filters and display results on grid or report, but user requires a more custom filter on returning data.

You can also say like this, the user requires particular column filtering. Now this column filter called as custom filtering and which is achieved by dynamic SQL.

User can also demand for custom sorting, for this we have to construct SQL using custom sorting column.

Dynamic SQL means, you can prepare or construct your SQL statement base on different parameter or result.

Below is a demonstration of PostgreSQL dynamic query using a custom filter.

First create one sample Employee table using 10 test records.

Below is a sample stored procedure: 

Show some results:


Using above call, I have filtered only  “Mahesh” so it return only one record.

Application is responsible to create this custom parameter for custom filter. You just need to append filter or sorting string with main SQL Query.

This stored procedure has four parameter first two for custom paging and last two for custom filter and sorting.

Please visit this URL: to understand custom paging.

PostgreSQL Custom Paging using LIMIT and OFFSET

Now, talking about dynamic query in which I am passing filter column name through input parameter.

This filter and sorting parameter are required to concat with a main SQL query for customized results.

input parameter : Paging_ColumnFilterExpression is for custom filter and Paging_SortExpression is for custom sorting.

You should also set some default value for this kind of variable or parameter.

Now examine second sample:


You can see both filter and sorting in this result.

We have sort age column by descending and select employee staring with ‘M’.

This are basic about PostgreSQL dynamic query.

Anvesh Patel

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Danica Bronaugh

Good article, thanks.