SQL Server CPU usage per Different Objects

In this post, I provide you one script to find out CPU usages of all different SQL Server Objects.
This script is very important for DBA when DBA monitoring CPU usages.
Below is a script:

Anvesh Patel

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Amarnath Sankaranarayanan
Amarnath Sankaranarayanan
I would like to find(using SQL DMVs) whether a database is actually in use and if so then how much of that servers resources it is taking… and need some ideas on how we can properly collect usage statistics on all of these databases across all of these servers and then create a simple report to understand resources usage. The purpose of this report is to determine what are the critical counters that we need and what is the simplest and least impact method to collect them. We don’t need minute to minute, I’m only looking for summary information once… Read more »
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