PostgreSQL: Script to Find Table and Column without comment or description

In this post, I am sharing one script to find the table and column, which are not associated with any comment or description of PostgreSQL.

Self documentation is a most important thing for every developer and company.
In our company, I have strictly set this rule as database development standard to write a comment of description for every table and column.

You can also manage this description using different UML tools, but first thing is: it should be attached to the database objects so whenever you are going to create a database diagram then comment or description added automatically.

The Humans are made for mistake so sometimes I have to find such a list object which are not associated with any comment or description.

Basically at this time I am sharing this DBA script for PostgreSQL.
I have filtered below query by giving User_Name in WHERE clause so if you want for all users then you should remove this filter.

Find Table without comment.

Find Column without comment.

Anvesh Patel

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