MySQL: The Important Notes and Tips of FEDERATED Storage Engine (Part 4/4)

As this is the last part of the FEDERATED Table Article so in this post, I am giving some important Notes and Tips of FEDERATED Engine.

  • The remote server must be a MySQL Server.
  • You can replicate the FEDERATED table to other slaves, but ensure that slave server is able to use defined connection string.
  • You can create nested FEDERATED tables.
  • The FEDERATED table does not support indexes because of its virtual nature.
  • The FEDERATED also supports INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE statements.
  • The FEDERATED table does not support Transaction.
  • The FEDERATED table can also perform bulk-insertion.
  • Any DROP TABLE statement issued against a FEDERATED table drops only the local table, not the remote table.
  • The FEDERATED tables do not work with the query cache.

For more info, You can visit this MySQL official document.

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