NoSQL: Choose for Better Performance, Scalability, High Availability, and Flexibility (Day 2)

On this second day, I am finding that why we should go with NoSQL?

NoSQL Performance

I have been using a computer and internet since last 15 years. I can easily compare past internet usage and current internet usage.

In the present situation, We are not simple internet users who are just using internet for browsing purposes. Now we are the social internet user who is playing with tons of unstructured data like, Images, Video, Comments, Tweets, and Social connections.

RDBMS products are good for specific application, but at a certain level, we should migrate with the BigData or NoSQL Technology.


Unlimited growth of Data:

In the real time application, the volume of the data is increasing every day. A NoSQL technology is designed such a way that it can handle tons of data. It can handle different varieties of data which are coming very quickly from different locations.

Performing well:

A NoSQL is performing well because it requires very less resources like, Memory and CPU I/O. We can easily deploy a full version or partial version of the NoSQL database at any location so that nearest application can quickly access NoSQL database.

High Availability:

If we are experiencing with the RDBMS high availability concepts like: Database Replication, Clustering and Mirroring, we can analyse this thing very easily because in some point of time we require to perform action like to make Database Offline.

A NoSQL databases are able to provide continuous availability at different location using the cloud. It doesn’t require to make your system or database offline for any kind of modification.


We can scale NoSQL database at any level and at any direction because there are not any fixed rule attached here.
Even If we divide the NoSQL database into different part for different location and users, also it is working fine because it is not governed like any other database schema rule.


A NoSQL is 100% flexible, It doesn’t require to depend on any schema rule. The data and storage also flexible because we do not require to follow any other rule like Primary key and Foreign key. we can store any type of structured or unstructured data.
There are different NoSQL architecture available in the market, as per the situation we can use any type NoSQL database.

Anvesh Patel

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Thanks for giving wounder full content on NO SQL , no i am start to learn this beautiful concept, It is very very effective for all our online software’s.
I have a question How much secure is this?
Thanks once again.