NoSQL: Data Model, What is the Key Value Store Database (Day 5 )

On this day, I have learnt basic about Key Value Store NoSQL Data Model so In this post, I am sharing a small note about this data model.

The Redis and Riak are popular key value store NoSQL Database.

What exactly it is?

In the RDBMS system, we have a table with unique key and values. We are also fetching values base on a key.

The Key Value Store Data Model is also very similar to RDBMS structure.
In a Key Value Store Data Model, we have a key in left side and a value in right side.

Key Value Store NoSQL

The Key Value Store Date model is same as a dictionary or hash model.

It is a schema less format and it is just about what you need to store.
The data is indexed by a unique key value and each value can have independent format and is stored as BLOB, JSON.

The group of keys and value stores into one Bucket and we can perform different manipulation per each Bucket.
The Bucket may have a different set of fields for each and every record.
Because of this structure, it is very flexible and scalable up to N level.

You can go with this:

  • When we are doing a bulk insertion and high write operations.
  • When we are creating simple and flat data model.
  • When we are reading the data using only Primary Key.

You cannot go with this:

  • When we are working with relationship related data.
  • When we are doing multikey operation like: INSERT, UDPATE, DELETE using one KEY at one time.
  • When we are searching the data using a value.
Anvesh Patel

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