NoSQL: Cassandra default list of port usage

In this post, I am sharing an important list of ports which are used by the Cassandra for different purpose.
Cassandra community has to know about these ports because it is very important while they are configuring firewall for Cassandra server.

9160: Cassandra Thrift client API
9042: Cassandra native client port

7000: Cassandra Internode cluster communication (not used if TLS enabled)
7001: Cassandra SSL Internode cluster communication.
7199 / 8080: JMX monitoring port

61620: Cassandra OpsCenter monitoring port
61621: Cassandra OpsCenter agent port

8888: OpsCenter browser http request

Anvesh Patel

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Thanks for this sharing, It helped lot to new comers of NoSQL.
Anvesh, You are unstoppable, God bless you !


hi, can u tell to insert and retrive audio and video file from cassandra