MySQL: Understand Case Sensitivity parameters for Effective Migration (Case Sensitive or Case Insensitive)

During the migration activity, most of the time we are facing issues related to Case Sensitivity.
For example,

In Windows Operating System, you cannot create two different directories like: “DBrnd.Com” and “”. This both consider as same name in Windows Operating System, but In Linux Operating System, You can create both directories separately like: “DBrnd. Com” and “”.

When we are migrating MySQL Database between two different Operating Systems, we should also take care about the name of Database files and folders.

There are mainly two MySQL Server parameters lower_case_file_system and lower_case_table_names.

A lower_case_file_system parameter ensures about case sensitivity of file names on the file system where the data directory is located.
A lower_case_file_system OFF means file names are Case Sensitive, and ON means file names are Case Insensitive.

A lower_case_table_names parameters ensure about case sensitivity of table names.
If lower_case_table_names = 0, Table name stored as specified, but comparisons are Case Sensitive.
If lower_case_table_names = 1, Table name stored in lower case and comparisons are not Case Sensitive.
If lower_case_table_names = 2, Table name stored as specified, but comparisons are in Lowercase.

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